UK Labradoodle Breeders

Lucy Howell
Contact: 01728 723683

Lucy Howell is a occasional hobby breeder and lives on an idyllic farm in Suffolk not far from the coast. There is generally one litter a year from one of Lucy's two delightful cream multi-gen girls, Ellie a fleece coat and Isabella a curly coat. Both dogs have produced some beautiful strong litters of miniature and medium multigens, mainly in shades of cream, gold and red, with good coats of wavy, fleece and curly. The puppies are born and raised in the house surrounded by the bustle of family life. By the time they leave for their new homes, they are fully socialised and also used to children, cats, chickens and horses.

This doggy family increased last year when a boy pup was just too adorable to sell. His name is Tate and he is to be the resident stud dog, as soon as all his health tests are complete. He has already tested as Optigen A. Tate is a medium multigen golden wavy/curly coated dog of fantastic temperament - a real child friendly, family dog with a wonderful attitude to life and so clever and easy to train. He is going to make a wonderful Dad and will be available to selected girls shortly.

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Angelika von Heimendahl

Small pet breeder based in Cambridge, very helpful, puppies are brought up in the house with her children and other pets. Angelika runs the Veterinary Reproduction Service.