Puppy Preparation List
  1. “The Perfect Puppy” by Gwen Bailey
  2. A whistle
  3. A kong
  4. Hollow marrow bone from pet shop (not from butcher)
  5. Toileting area (3ft x 4ft) filled with shingle
  6. Manuka honey (15%)
  7. Crate 36” with partition (see doghealth.co.uk )
  8. Bedding materials x 4, can be either vet bed or other suitable bedding of your choice
  9. Heavy water bowl and stainless steel food bowl
  10. Pedigree chum puppy food in tins
  11. Various toys
  12. Go and sit in on puppy classes and see which one you like the best
  13. Make an appointment at the vets for 3 days after you bring your puppy home for its first vaccination
  14. Puppy proof your garden fences including under any gates
  15. Puppy kibble (http://www.angellpetco.com/)