LabradoodleMy name is Annette Courtney. I breed miniature labradoodles as my hobby. I believe I am the original breeder of miniature British labradoodles. I live in Felmersham, North Bedfordshire with my family. We have an assortment of pets alongside our dogs, which include one donkey, and a pony which we have had since before my daughter Lucy was born, two sheep - Derek and Daisy, and three cats – Howard, Twinkle and Bernard. See the Life At Home gallery. I intend this year (2014) to only have a couple of litters, as I have retired some of my girls. I will however be keeping a list of available puppies as always who have been sired by my stud dogs.

I have bred UK labradoodles since 2001 and believe I have succeeded in what I wanted to achieve and what I believed families were looking for. Above all else I aim to breed a lovely family dog, smaller in size than a large UK doodle. Our miniature labradoodle puppies are born and raised in the house, so sometimes it can be a tight squeeze with us, our adult dogs, and puppies running everywhere. I subject my labradoodle puppies to all household mayhem plus I put in a lot of one to one time with each puppy (see Raising Our Puppies page), so you can be sure your puppy will be happy when he or she leaves us. I can now provide a full puppy starter pack from our vets, Acorn House. I would like to make it clear that we are not associated with any other labradoodle breeders and stud dog owners in Bedfordshire.

In 2002 & 2003 I infused into one of my lines, one of the Australian Labradoodle permitted breeds, I believe I was the first person in the UK to do this. See the U.K. Foundation page. Or UK Australian labradoodles page.

Australian and ASD Labradoodles

Due to the recent exposure of Rutland Manor (more information on both these websites: Rutland Manor Exposed and Farms of Shame), I would like to make it extremely clear, in no way am I associated with these kennels or their practices. Any puppy bred by myself with Tegan Park - Rutland Manor Lines in its pedigree,will have its Australian labradoodles parents DNA available for viewing, insuring that you can be sure of the breeds in its makeup, I will be keeping our prices for Australian Labradoodles below £950 and my UK Labradoodles will be priced at £895, I will not be carrying out early spay neuter on my puppies. All dogs health documents are available for viewing at your interview. As a co-founder of The Labradoodle Club Of Great Britain (incorporating The Miniature Labradoodle Club), I strive to continue the future of the British labradoodle.

Please note if you have an allergy you MUST make this clear. Please also note that most UK doodles shed some hair and may not be allergy friendly towards you, Australian labradoodle have no guarantee either. I am very careful who I sell my puppies to as I do not want them to end up in labradoodle rescue. I also reserve the right to refuse to sell you a puppy at any time.

LabradoodleI am a breed adviser in Dogs Today Magazine, read my helpful hints column. Also Co-founder of the The Labradoodle Club of Great Britain. I have also studied animal behavior at Moulton College.

Included in our price is our ante-natal class. Strictly speaking these are technically post-natal in terms of the mother and puppy, however we refer to them as ante-natal in terms of the human / puppy context. Spend an afternoon with puppy expert Jill Ridgers, or myself, we will talk you through the various phases which are the inevitable processes through which every puppy goes. Full follow up training is available.

I try to donate one or two puppies every year to the charity Canine Partners, read about them here.

Annette Courtney